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The Photobuyer's Handbook is the ultimate guide for anyone who searches for and uses images professionally in print or new media. It is aimed at photobuyers, picture researchers, art buyers, designers and art directors.

It comprehensively covers every subject that image users need in an accessible way, from image basics like file formats and resolution, to advanced searching and metadata.

It is an eBook in pdf format, available for immediate download.

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The Photobuyer's Handbook costs GBP24.99.

This eBook will be of immediate benefit to all users of images, whether novices, or the highly experienced. It has many hotlinks to external sites as well as easy internal navigation via jump buttons, bookmarks, and links.

It is a distillation of my 25 years of experience within the stock photography industry, as a picture researcher, writer and technology expert.

"This e-book is a comprehensive reference guide for any information relating to digital images and their handling. An essential for all picture buyers."

Gwen Campbell, picture researcher/editor and photographer

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NEW - Webinar for Picture Researchers/Editors/Designers

Learn valuable information from an expert in the field of picture research and photography - click here for more details.

The format is an online video conference - an easy way to use Distance Learning to progress your knowledge.

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